Sure Stay Travel Insurance


To be sure that your stay on holiday is trouble free by taking the right type of travel insurance out before you leave the UK. Once you have left the UK it is too late to buy travel insurance so this should not be left to chance.

Travel insurance can provide cover against:

• Falling sick before you go on holiday when you would get a refund of your holiday costs.

• Falling sick on holiday and needing to seek medical treatment which can cost a lot.

• Needing to be brought home early because you have fallen sick.

• Needing to come home early because a close relative has been taken ill whilst you are away.

• Your baggage being lost temporarily or permanently.

• Your personal money and credit cards being stolen.

• Loss of your passport.

If You Have A Pre-Existing Medical Condition It Must Be Disclosed When You Buy The Policy

If you have any medical conditions they must be disclosed as otherwise the travel insurance company might not pay the claim if it was in anyway related to your pre-existing medical condition.

Before committing yourself to a travel insurance policy it’s always a good plan to use a comparison service to check which is the best underwriter for your circumstances as premiums vary by age, medical conditions, where you’re traveling to and the trip duration.

Typical medical conditions that should be disclosed are:

Allergy Depression Obesity
Anaphylaxis Diabetes Osteoarthritis
Arthritis Epilepsy Osteoporosis
Arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) High blood pressure Pancreatitis
Bowel prolapse High cholesterol Polymyositis
Cardiac valve disease Hypothyroidism Psoriatic arthritis
Cervical spondylitis Irritable bowel syndrome Retinopathy
Chronic airflow limitation Ischaemic heart disease Rheumatoid arthritis
Coronary angioplasty Joint replacement Sleep apnoea
Deep vein thrombosis Low blood pressure Slipped disc
Dementia Meniere’s disease Ulcerative colitis